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sabato 18 ottobre 2014

Materialismo/realismo vs Idealismo/postmodernismo, 1

"Idealism, the ontological stance according to which the world is a product of our minds, went from being a deeply conservative position to become the norm in many academic departments and critical journals: cultural anthropologists came to believe that defending the rights of indigenous people implied adopting linguistic idealism and the epistemological relativism that goes with it; microsociologists correctly denounced the concept of a harmonious society espoused by their functionalist predecessors, but only to embrace an idealist phenomenology; and many academic departments, particularly those that attach the label “studies” to their name, completely forgot about material life and concentrated instead on textual hermeneutics. To make things worse this conservative turn was concealed under several layers of radical chic, making it appealing to students and even activists pursuing a more progressive agenda."

Manuel DeLanda, Deleuze: history and science, p.29