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sabato 30 novembre 2013

Come spiegare in poche parole a un ricercatore australiano come diavolo sei passato da Badiou alla musicologia cognitiva

Well, it was many years ago (1998). I studied with Badiou for two years, for my D.E.A. about Deleuze and… Badiou himself.
At the end of that experience I was satiated of French philosophy and I felt the need for a more empirically grounded style of thought (that was my criticism of his philosophy: it is a form of idealism).
I started a PhD with him but after some times I stopped, because I was no more convinced. Than I did a PhD in philosophy with a French wittgensteinian scholar, Antonia Soulez: the topic was the philosophical style. In that thesis I worked on Relevance Theory, and at the end of it I understood that this theory could be applied to music. So I started my present research program on “musical relevance”, a concept that I formed mixing Relevance Theory and Lerdahl and Jackendoff’s A Generative Theory Tonal Music.
If you are interested you can read a 2012 paper accepted by CogSci:
This version completely lacks of the psychological experimentation that we have done and we are doing after, but It is a first statement of my theory.

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